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About Summertime in Switzerland

Welcome to, where we invite you to experience Switzerland just as we do - beyond mainstream trips! As locals, we're thrilled to share hidden gems and the latest trends, revealing the country's secret spots and unique cultural experiences. Our goal is to guide you through Switzerland's stunning landscapes and vibrant culture, showing you more than just the typical tourist destinations. From alpine adventures to serene lakeside retreats, discover a side of Swiss summer life that's authentic and unforgettable. Join us and explore Switzerland like a local, beyond the ordinary. Contact us under

View of a lake in Lucerne


Our mission is to inspire and guide travelers in exploring the authentic and hidden beauty of Swiss summertime, just as locals do, by sharing insider tips, uncovering secret spots, and highlighting the unique cultural richness of Switzerland.


We envision a world where travelers discover and cherish the full beauty of Swiss summertime, guided by our insights into Switzerland's hidden treasures and cultural richness. Our goal is to be the go-to online resource for authentic and sustainable Swiss travel experiences, fostering deeper connections and appreciation for Switzerland's diverse landscapes and heritage.

view of a lake in switerland

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