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Short Trip to Arosa in Summer: A Guide to the Ultimate Swiss Escape

Updated: Apr 29

Arosa, nestled at the bottom of a wide valley in the heart of Switzerland's majestic Alps, is a gem that has captivated visitors for generations. Renowned for its sunny disposition and shelter from strong winds, Arosa offers an idyllic setting for a summer retreat. The absence of transit traffic ensures the air remains exceptionally pure, contributing to its longstanding fame as a premier Alpine health resort since 1877. This guide delves into planning your perfect Arosa getaway, with a focus on the invaluable Arosa Card, the ideal travel period, and the diverse experiences that await you in this enchanting Swiss village.

Unlock Arosa's Best with the Arosa Card

The Arosa Card is pivotal for anyone planning a summer getaway to this Swiss paradise, offering an abundance of free and reduced-price experiences. Available from June 8th until October 20th, 2024, to all overnight visitors, the card grants complimentary access to public transportation and cable cars, as well as privileged admission to many of Arosa's top attractions. This feature turns your vacation into an affordable journey filled with valuable experiences. To make the most out of your trip to Arosa, verify that your lodging, particularly if opting for Airbnb-style accommodations, provides the Arosa Card.

Best Time to Visit: Arosa in Summer

For an experience saturated with Arosa's breathtaking natural beauty and tranquil atmosphere, planning your visit between June 8th and October 20th is highly recommended. This timeframe not only coincides with the Arosa Card's availability but also highlights the peak of Arosa's summer charm. While the shoulder seasons offer advantages like reduced accommodation rates and quieter paths, it's important to note that most lifts and attractions are closed during these periods. The summer months, in contrast, open up the full spectrum of Arosa's outdoor activities and scenic offerings, making it the perfect time to explore this picturesque Swiss village to its fullest.

How to get there: A Scenic Introduction to Arosa

Reaching Arosa is as memorable as the stay itself.

By car: The drive from Chur, featuring 360 curves, offers unparalleled views of the Alpine landscape, but also takes you through some pretty beautiful Swiss-style villages, with roads in excellent condition and 99% of the time ensuring proper two-lane traffic. Given the mountainous terrain, these roads are surprisingly wide, providing a comfortable and safe driving experience.

Scenic view driving up to Arosa
Scenic view driving up to Arosa

By Train: For those seeking a less winding route, the train journey from Chur presents a breathtaking alternative, showcasing the beauty of Switzerland's mountains and valleys. Trains depart every hour, offering a convenient and scenic way to reach Arosa. Additionally, there's the opportunity to park your car near the train station in Chur, making the transition to train travel seamless and hassle-free. Whichever mode of transport you choose, the journey to Arosa serves as the perfect introduction to your Swiss adventure.

What to do: Explore Arosa's Nature

The Squirrel Path (Eichhörnliweg) is more than just a walk; it's an interactive nature experience that captivates both young hearts and adult minds. This enchanting trail begins below the Waldhotel National along Tomeli Street and winds through lush forests to the Maran area. As you traverse this path, friendly wild squirrels eagerly approach, looking for treats. Along the route, benches and BBQ spots invite visitors to relax and soak in the tranquility of their surroundings. Before embarking on this delightful adventure, remember to stop by a local supermarket to purchase some nuts, particularly hazelnuts, which are the squirrels' favourite.

Arosa Bärenland: A Must-Visit for Animal Lovers and Families

Tucked away near the middle station on the way up to Weisshorn, Arosa Bärenland is a sanctuary that offers a glimpse into the world of bear conservation. This haven is specially designed for bears that have been rescued from less-than-ideal conditions, giving them a spacious and natural habitat to live out their lives in peace and safety. Walking through the sanctuary is an experience in itself, as most of the path is elevated above the bear enclosures.

Ascend to Weisshorn: Breathtaking Views Awaits

A trip up to Weisshorn is an absolute must when visiting Arosa. Standing at an impressive altitude, Weisshorn offers visitors stunning panoramic views of the Swiss Alps, making it a highlight for any traveler. We highly recommend taking a moment to enjoy a coffee at the summit café. It's not just any coffee break. For those traveling with children, the journey to Weisshorn offers a delightful interlude at the middle station, where the large playground awaits.

The view from the cable car
The view from the cable car

A Hike to Sennerei Maran

After enjoying the panoramic views and family fun at the Weisshorn and its middle station, consider embarking on a scenic hike down to Sennerei Maran. This journey through the forest not only connects you with the serene beauty of Arosa's natural landscapes but also guides you to a charming local shop specializing in regional delicacies. Along the way, you'll encounter unique surprises, such as a blowing horn for an interactive Alpine experience and a Ricola vending machine, offering a taste of Switzerland's famous herbal sweets. Sennerei Maran specializes in offering a taste of the region through its selection of artisanal cheeses, savory sausages, and freshly prepared bread boards. It's a perfect spot to indulge in the flavors of Arosa. On our way to the Sennerei, we encountered these beautiful Swiss cows and listened to their bells ring (Turn up the volume).

And another time this fellow hiker just pulled out his alp horn and started to play (Again, turn up the volume if you haven't done so yet).

Recommended route:

Take the cable car up to Weisshorn, on your way back stop at the middle station to visit Bärenland and enjoy a snack at the restaurant. Don't miss the playground here, perfect for a family pause. Next, hike down to Sennerei Maran for a quick break, indulging in local cheese and sausages. Finally, walk down the Squirrel Path back down to Arosa.


Arosa's culinary scene skillfully combines age-old traditions with modern flair. I highly recommend visiting Güterschuppen Arosa, a standout for its exceptional food and hospitable atmosphere. It's generally recommended to make reservations several days in advance, as spots fill up quickly in Arosa's sought-after dining venues.

Final Thoughts

Arosa, with its natural beauty, diverse activities, and the unparalleled Arosa Card, presents an idyllic summer getaway. It's a place where adventure meets relaxation, and tradition blends with modernity. As you plan your trip, remember that Arosa is more than a destination; it's an experience waiting to unfold.


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