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A Guide to Switzerland's Finest Chocolate Factory Tours

Updated: May 31

Switzerland, a paradise for chocolate lovers, is home to world-renowned chocolate factories offering unique experiences. In this guide, I share my top two chocolate factory visits—Lindt Home of Chocolate in Kilchberg, Zurich, and House of Läderach in Bilten—alongside three other highly recommended tours. These destinations not only allow you to taste exquisite chocolates but also immerse you in the art of chocolate making.

Lindt Chocolate Factory , Kilchberg, Zurich:

Lindt Home of Chocolate
Lindt Home of Chocolate

Our recommendation for your journey to the Lindt Home of Chocolate is to begin with a boat trip from Zurich Bürkliplatz to Kilchberg. It is the short lake cruise you'll want to take. Since there are two boats going in opposite directions, you can either take the long tour along the Gold Coast (east side) of Lake Zurich or the short tour along the Silver Coast on the west side.

Once you arrive in Kilchberg, head straight towards the main street. After crossing the main street, look for a little path (Pilgerweg) located between the first and second row of buildings. This shortcut leads you directly to the factory, allowing you to bypass walking along the main road. This convenient route offers a quick and easy way to reach the Lindt Home of Chocolate, making your visit smoother and more direct.

Upon entering the main hall of the Lindt Home of Chocolate, visitors are immediately met with a notable feature: a large chocolate fountain. This fountain serves as a focal point and introduction to what the venue has to offer.

The Lindt Home of Chocolate provides various interactive experiences, including chocolate-making courses. These sessions, led by experienced chocolatiers, teach participants about chocolate crafting techniques, from tempering to molding, allowing them to create their own chocolate pieces.

Additionally, the facility offers guided tours of the factory. These tours give insight into the chocolate-making process, from the selection of cocoa beans to the finished product, showcasing the precision and skill involved.

Online pre-registration for courses and tours is advised due to their popularity and the likelihood of them being fully booked well in advance. This ensures visitors can participate in these hands-on experiences.

To finish your day at the Lindt Chocolate Factory, make sure to enjoy a coffee or hot chocolate and a sweet treat in the café.

Insider tip 1: The factory outlet, which is not located in the main building but a short walk away, near the parking area, offers a variety of Lindt chocolates at exclusive discounts. It's ideal for purchasing gifts or personal treats.

Insider tip 2: During the summer, the nearby Kilchberg pool, heated with steam from the Lindt factory, provides a refreshing spot to cool off and relax. This pool is part of the Kilchberg Badi, which also offers pleasant lake access for those wishing to swim in the lake.

Insider tip 3: For those wishing to swim in the lake while on a budget and preferring not to pay the entrance fee for Kilchberg Badi, consider taking a short 10-minute walk along the main road to Rüschlikon Badi. This facility is free and provides all the essentials of a badi, including bathrooms, changing rooms, kids pool, a cafeteria, and a pleasant green area for relaxation.

House of Läderach, Bilten:

Laederach entrance hall
Laederach entrance hall

House of Läderach: Take the train from Zurich HB or drive by car to Bilten in Canton Glarus. Although it's a bit smaller than the Lindt Chocolate Factory, it's my favorite chocolate, so I often come here because they have great deals on large pieces of chocolate (e.g., 2 for the price of 1). While you're there, you can create your own chocolate, which is fun for kids. You pour your choice of chocolate into a mold and then add sweets and sprinkles before it sets. The House of Läderach also has a nice café where you can enjoy a sweet treat and coffee. Similar to Lindt, you can also book a tour of the factory and other experiences on their website.

Self made chocolate hear in the House of Läderach
Self made chocolate hear in the House of Läderach
Self made chocolate
Self made chocolate

Insider tip 1: The House of Läderach likely won't fill an entire day, so consider extending your visit to the area by exploring the nearby town of Weesen. Park your car at Parkplatz Weesen | Speerplatz and head down to the Linthpromenade. Follow the canal into the town of Weesen. It's a beautiful walk with stunning views over Lake Walensee. You'll be surprised to find palm trees along the way. You can walk as far as you like; we usually stop for a drink at Lago Mio and then turn around.

Insider tip 2: Continue walking from Lago Mio (Insider Tip 1) and visit the beautiful Seerenbach Falls. Alternatively, you can take the ferry from Weesen to Betlis and walk from the pier up to the falls. It is an easy, mostly pram-friendly hike. You can read about the entire hike to Seerenbach falls here.

Insider tip 3: One of my favorite viewpoints in Switzerland is not too far from Läderach. Drive up to Amden and park your car at Parkplatz Amden | Arvenbüel. From there, embark on a 30-40 minute hike to Aussichtspunkt Chapf. This spot offers an amazing view over Lake Walensee, a fjord-like lake surrounded by mountains. It's a breathtaking scene that captures the natural beauty of Switzerland, making it a must-visit for anyone in the area.

View from Aussichtspunkt Chapf
View from Aussichtspunkt Chapf

Insider tip 4: If you're in the area by car, take a 30-minute drive up to Klöntalersee, one of our favorite mountain lakes. You can park your car at Parkplatz Klöntal Campingplatz and begin your walk around the lake from there.

This is not just a chocolate factory tour; it's an experience designed for all ages, especially captivating for children over 5. The tour is beautifully crafted, offering fascinating insights and plenty of chocolate tasting opportunities. The highlight for many is the chocolate decorating activity, and the friendly staff add to the experience. Reachable by public transport, the journey to the factory is an adventure in itself, complete with a walk along the Schoggiweg, where you'll see animals and a playground.

Maison Cailler – The Classic:

Located in Broc, Maison Cailler is a step into the real-life Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The tour is a mesmerizing walk through the history of chocolate and the development of the Cailler brand. Don't miss the opportunity to sample various chocolate flavors as you explore. After your visit, continue your culinary journey by visiting the Gruyères cheese factory and the castle, rounding up your day with a taste of Swiss heritage.

Near Lucerne, ChocoWelt by Aeschbach offers a complete chocolate journey, from cocoa bean to praline. Visitors can create their own 200g chocolate bar, making it an ideal personalized gift. The Chocolate Adventure World is a hit with kids, and the factory's café and shop offer a wide range of sweets and friendly service. For a scenic finish to your visit, drive to Parkplatz Meggenhorn and visit the castle, offering stunning views of Lake Lucerne and the Swiss Alps.

These chocolate factory tours in Switzerland are more than just tastings; they're immersive experiences that reveal the heart and soul of Swiss chocolate-making. Whether you're a chocolate aficionado or a curious explorer, these tours are sure to leave you with sweet memories and a deeper appreciation for one of Switzerland's most beloved exports.


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