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Exploring Switzerland’s Hiking Trails: Caumasee, Il Spir, and Crestasee

Switzerland’s landscapes offer a variety of hiking experiences, and the trail connecting Caumasee, Il Spir, and Crestasee is a noteworthy option for those seeking a balanced day out in nature. This hike presents an opportunity to experience the Swiss outdoors, suitable for families and accessible to most. It is pram and kids friendly.

The path is well-maintained, with clear signage. For drivers, parking is available here, and bus users coming from Chur can disembark at the Flims Waldhaus, Caumasee stop.

9km (5.8 miles) hike, not including the loop around Caumasee.

Caumasee (1): A Peaceful Start

From the bus stop / parking area (A in the map), follow the Caumasee Trail to the Caumasee lift, where you can snap an amazing photo of the famous Caumalake. Use the lift to descend, then enjoy a leisurely walk around the lake, or opt to pay for access to the swimming area (Badi). Outside the badi, you can swim in the lake at no extra cost. The lakeside stroll should take about 45 minutes to an hour. Treat yourself to a snack at a local restaurant before taking the lift back to the starting point of the trail. Additionally, Caumasee is a delightful spot to visit in winter, renowned for its stunning colours.

Caumasee - Photo taken from the lift
Caumasee - Photo taken from the lift

Viewpoint Il Spir (2):

Continuing from Caumasee, the trail to Il Spir takes hikers through mostly forested areas, culminating at a remarkable viewpoint above the Ruinaulta, often referred to as the Swiss Grand Canyon. The Il Spir platform, designed by Corinna Menn and opened in 2006, offers breathtaking views of the gorge and the Vorderrhein river below. Its design mimics the shape of the common swift, a bird frequently spotted in the area. This viewpoint not only allows visitors to gaze upon the young gorge, carved by the Rhine through debris from the Flims Rockslide in just 10,000 years but also offers a unique perspective on a landscape that is continuously evolving. The Flims Rockslide, the largest visible rockslide on earth, dramatically altered the landscape, creating the conditions for this stunning natural wonder​​​​.

Crestasee (3): Concluding the Hike

After visiting Il Spir, the trail leads to Crestasee, marking the concluding leg of this picturesque hike. Nestled in a serene setting, Crestasee is known for its crystal-clear, turquoise waters, which beautifully reflect the surrounding mountains and forests, making it a favored subject for photographers. This lake, aside from its scenic beauty, is notable for its pristine condition and hosts a diverse range of rare and endangered plants and animals, highlighting its ecological significance.

Way back to Flims

The hike concludes with a return to Flims, rounding off a day spent in nature.


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